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Board and Batten

The board and batten style of shutter originated in Europe during the medieval period. It was primarily used for practical purposes, such as protection against the elements and security. This style consists of vertical boards (the "boards") joined together with horizontal battens (the "batten") across them. Over time, it became popular in various architectural styles around the world due to its simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Material Today: Non-Rot Composite


Raised Panel

The raised panel shutter style originated in Renaissance Europe, showcasing decorative craftsmanship while serving practical functions. It symbolizes status, adds aesthetic appeal, and reflects architectural tradition, spreading its cultural influence globally.

Material Today: Non-Rot Composite



Wooden louvered shutters originated as functional elements in warm climates, providing ventilation and privacy. They evolved into decorative features, symbolizing colonial architecture. Louvered shutters combine practicality with aesthetic appeal, influencing architectural styles worldwide.

Material Today: Western Red Cedar

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